My name is Victor Ramirez, I specialize in photographing special events and capturing some of your most favorite memories. I am available on most weekends all year long with some exceptions during the summer (June - August). 

I started my career as a photographer when I got my first camera in the summer of 2015. At that time I was only photographing my family and I at birthday parties or holiday dinners with a basic understanding of how exactly photographs functioned. The more time I spent with my camera, the more I began to understand it and all of its features.

Within two years I have been able to create VR Pro Shots and offer my service to everyone seeking it. 

The thing I love most about photographing special events are the moments and stories each photo contains. I believe that pictures are not worth a thousand words; they are worth a lifetime. Memories can be immortal if preserved and that is what I seek. To preserve some of people's happiest moments with friends, family, and loved ones through professional photos that contain more than just a few thousand words.

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